Magnetic Media – Do Not X-Ray | Do Not Bend

I just received the latest issue of Juiced.GS and found this stamped on the envelope.

This is 2012.  Almost nobody even knows what “magnetic media” is anymore.  This stamp could be a foreboding sign:

You’re walking down a dark alley.  Rats, scratching for a bite, scurry behind the overflowing dumpsters.  Somewhere in the shadows there’s a raspy breathing sound.  A windowless padlocked door has an old handwritten sign:  “Magnetic Media”  Beneath that, barely visible under rust brown splotches: “Do Not X-Ray | Do Not Bend”.   A cold mist has settled on the ground.

Thankfully, the envelope contained, nestled between the full-color cover pages of Juiced.GS, a 5¼” floppy disk in a hand-made sleeve with Drift, an original Apple II program with all new music, graphics, ASCII art, and easter eggs.