Forgotten Software: Yet Another Star Trek

I’m pleased to share yet another “Star Trek” themed game.  I wrote this during middle school as part of a book report.  Game play is terrible and amounts to firing weapons repeatedly with no strategy, but I was proud of it at the time. I wrote most of the game in BASIC with a machine language sound routine from Nibble magazine.

There’s a bug where the title on startup appears incorrect if you haven’t enabled the 80-column firmware.  I’m preserving the original bug to avoid rewriting history.  You’ll need a 128KB machine and only use upper-case commands.

My “book report”


  1. This is awesome. I wrote an Eamon adventure for a book report, but the teacher didn’t know what to make of it — she didn’t have a personal computer and wasn’t a programmer so wasn’t sure where my effort ended and the Apple began. Based on your previous posts, it sounds like your teacher was better equipped to appreciate your work?

  2. Yes, my teacher appreciated the non-traditional book report. I got approval beforehand, and other students were even permitted to play this game in the school computer lab during class time. The game loads itself into the ProDOS RAM disk so my classmates could restart the game without the boot disk.

    Do you still have your Eamon adventure?

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