I enjoy exploring technology.  Technology of all sorts, whether ancient, old, new, or futuristic.  I love learning.  I like making things and prefer to do-it-myself.

I own an Apple IIc+, a MicroVAX, an Apple iBook, a Replica I, and assorted Intel hardware.  I use OSX, VMS, Linux, and ProDOS, and I tolerate Windows.  I play with micro-controllers in my spare time, especially the 6502, 68332, and AVR.  I think assembly language is fun and think the C++ FAQ is a good read.  I’m a software guy but secretly love hardware.  I’ve designed printed circuit boards and actually read data sheets.

I’ve successfully home-brewed beer.

I enjoy the outdoors, the more remote the better.  I see the outdoors as an intersection between old and new technology and knowledge.  I climb rocks.  I orienteer with nothing more than a map and compass.  I kayak.  I hike, road bike, ski, and backpack.  I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

I travel in the U.S. full-time and have visited more national parks in the last 6 months than in the previous 20 years.