AppleTi and F18A at KansasFest

Years ago, I outlined interfacing the F18A, a TMS9918A Video Display Processor (VDP) clone with VGA output, to the Apple II.  I never followed through, but somebody on the AtariAge forum recently completed a design and released a PCB.  The “AppleTi” board is a functional clone of the E-Z Color Graphics Interface.  The AppleTi board …

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KansasFest 2013

KansasFest came and went in a flurry of sleepless excitement.  Among other things, we had a great keynote from Randy Wigginton, a surprise visit from Mr. Wozniak, and an Apple I.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the amazing, creative, and unbelievable things people are doing with their Apple IIs.        

Talkin’ about LocalTalk

Compared to today, computer networking in 1984 was heterogeneous, and compatibility between two systems from different vendors was unlikely.  Every vendor developed their own proprietary and incompatible solution to networking, including file sharing and print sharing.  Apple joined the foray with AppleTalk, a low cost and easy to operate networking system, with an announcement in …

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HackFest 2012

HackFest is both a tradition at KansasFest and for me personally.  I find that as I attend more KansasFests, my HackFest projects get smaller simply because I’ve discovered all the fantastic off-schedule activities.  At my first KansasFest, I’d retire to my room between sessions and after meals.  But, some of the best discussions and discoveries …

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KansasFest 2011 Countdown NDA

April is a good month for the Apple II. KansasFest registration opens. Juiced.GS ships a new issue in beautiful color. Open-Apple ought to release a new podcast soon. Brain Boards ship. Briel’s MP3 player for the Apple II is coming soon. What’s next? How about an NDA, or New Desk Accessory, for GS/OS that counts …

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