Low-Res Life for the Apple II

Conway’s Game of Life is mathematical exploration into artificial life.  The game consists of a grid of cells, and each cell is either alive or dead.  A simple set of rules relate the cells alive or dead in the current generation to the previous generation.  The interesting thing about the Game of Life is that a simple set of rules creates surprisingly complex patterns and behaviors.  Wikipedia gives more details, including examples, a more formal definition of the game, and history.

I have implemented the game of life for the Apple II computer using the low-resolution (40×40) video mode and the Macrosoft macro language.  Macrosoft is a library of assembler macros that produce assembly language code.  I chose this language because I wanted to learn this unique language for years and to improve performance of the implementation.

Download the program with source.

Look for an article in Juiced.GS (Volume 14, Issue 3).