MiniRoboMind Board Support Package Release

I’m pleased to announce the release of my board support package for the MiniRoboMind (MRM).  The MRM is a single-board computer based on the 68332 micro-controller and is the heart of BlueBot.  I found software support for the MRM to be scattered and incomplete, so I wrote my own with inspiration from existing software.

I’ve decided to release my library as-is based on some discussions on the Yahoo Robominds mailing list.

My library is far from complete.  It does not support all the hardware or options available.  However, it “works for me” and will grow over time.  At the moment, you’ll find support for the following:

  • Analog-to-digital hardware
  • Atomic operations
  • Exception handling and decoding
  • GPIO via the SIM
  • HD44780 LCD
  • QSM SCI, for 9600 8N1
  • QSM SPI, for certain options and message sizes
  • Periodic timer
  • PWM via the TPU QOM function
  • TPU UART, for 9600 8N1
  • Newlib, including printf()

Some code, noted in the comments, is copyright Cygnus Support.  Otherwise, I wrote the code and retain copyright.  Code I wrote is licensed under GNU GPL v3.

My support library requires GCC 4 built as a cross-compiler targeting M68K with Newlib.  Have fun!

Download the code here.