Macrosoft at KansasFest 2010

I presented a tutorial introduction at KansasFest 2010 on the Mindcraft Macrosoft programming language, a macro assembler package that allows the programmer to achieve machine language speed with a high-level Applesoft BASIC-like syntax.  Macrosoft and its companion Assembler run on you favorite 8-bit Apple II.  The presentation was well received, and several people left motivated to try Macrosoft for themselves. Don’t miss the history of Macrosoft from the author, Alan Floeter, that’s part of the presentation slides (page 11).

Ken Gagne has kindly shared a recording of my presentation and posted the slides.  Watch the presentation, buy a copy of the Mindcraft Assembler & Macrosoft, and write the next blockbuster Apple II software.

PRINT "Macrosoft Rocks."

There’s a working Macrosoft example in the presentation slides.  Also, check out my “hello world” program in Macrosoft and with the Assembler.  Finally, don’t forget my winning KansasFest 2009 HackFest entry written with Macrosoft.

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